Fraser Hacks I


What will I do?

You will be spending a day working building something that interests you. Along the way games, and workshops will be hosted to boost your energy levels.

What will I need to bring?

Please bring a laptop, a charger and anything else you may use for your hack during the hackathon.

Will transportation be provided?

Unfortunately, transporatation will not be provided. You must figure out a way to arrive yourself.

Who can attend?

We are open to high school and university students.

Do I need a team?

No, however, we can pair you up with someone during the hackathon if you are by yourself. The maximum team size is 4 people.

Will food be provided?

Yes food will be provided. If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know in your application.

Where and when?

The fun will happen at Spigel Dining Hall (3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga) at the University of Toronto Mississauga from 9AM to 9PM on February 18th, 2017.

How do I join?

Sign up on eventbrite and you will be considered for a spot. Note that you will also have to fill out a typeform application due to limited availability.

Is there any cost?

Other than transportation costs to get to Spigel Hall, the event is free.

Spigel Hall at UTM
3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

Gold Sponsors

Sponsors include large companies

Silver Sponsors

Sponsors include a large pizza chain and a startup incubator

Bronze Sponsors

Sponsors include a large grocery chain


Partners are providing us with a venue